S – for the endless wisdom of Solomon
H – for the legendary strength of Hercules
A – for the stamina and might of Atlas
Z – for the overwhelming power of Zeus
A – for the courage and invulnerability of Achilles
M – for the peerless speed and power of flight of the god Mercury


Captain Marvel, his costume and his symbolism has been a comic favorite since 1939 when C.C. Beck and Bill Parker brought it to us through Fawcett Comics and then later on by DC Comics, appearing first in Whiz Comics #2 in February 1940.  That’s a long history with a very astute loyal fan base.

Creating a costume website around this American icon wasn’t easy, as of today hardly nobody carries a high quality Captain Marvel/Shazam costume.  But that is why I created this website…to help you find them and hopefully in time when suppliers start stocking this amazing hero’s costume…I’ll be first to list it!

Please check out the few resources we do have at the upper-right hand side of this website.  In time, more resources and options will be made available to you.